Evolution and transmission

of avian influenza viruses

in live bird market networks

Integrating epidemiological, phylodynamic and modeling tools to protect poultry health ad prevent future outbreaks

What we do

Decoding the evolution and transmission of avian influenza viruses in live bird markets

Our research activities take place in Cambodia, where we explore the intricate web of poultry production and trading systems intertwined with human and wild bird interactions. We study the complexities of these ecosystems to understand the dynamics of avian influenza virus transmission.

How we work

Integrative approach with epidemiology, phylodynamics, modeling and ecology

Our Team

Claire Guinat

As the Principal Investigator (PI), Claire Guinat is a research fellow at INRAE and specializes in veterinary epidemiology and animal infectious disease research. Her expertise lies in integrating epidemiological and genetic data to understand transmission and emergence factors.

Erik Karlsson

Erik is the Deputy Head of the Virology Unit at Institut Pasteur du Cambodge (IPC) and the Director of the National Influenza Center and WHO H5 Reference Laboratory. His experience and research focus on advancing Early Warning systems for endemic and emerging viruses through improved surveillance and detection at high-risk human-animal-environmental interfaces.  

Veasna Duong

Veasna is overseeing the Virology unit at Institut Pasteur du Cambodge (IPC). He has experience in research and surveillance activities of arboviruses and emerging zoonotic viruses focusing on diagnosis, molecular epidemiology, understanding the host-pathogen interaction including study of pathogenicity and transmission dynamic.

Guinat Claire
Research fellow at INRAE, TrackFLU principal investigator

Our partnership

Latest news

2024 May 1st

We hire (1/3)! PhD position

We are excited to announce the opening of the first position for the TrackFLU project! Join us in developing integrated surveillance strategies for avian influenza viruses.